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What Are The Main Shoulder Problems?

By AdminPosted On 18-Apr-2019

Injuries can occur at any time. People who go through frequent injuries are mainly athletes. Shoulder injury commonly happens while cycling, swimming, weight lifting or playing sports like crickets or tennis. Any activity in which the hands are used extensively may cause a shoulder problem.

Shoulder problems occur due to hectic, intensive and repetitive training routines, in which the muscles, ligaments and bone get affected. Shoulder problems are not that visible in the first stage. But if ignored, it can cause extreme pain and weakness in the arm area.

What are the types of shoulder problems?

Shoulder problemsFollowing are the three main types of shoulder problems:

  • Instability: When the structure around the shoulder doesn’t synchronize with the ball, the shoulder becomes loose. The shoulder bone may change its location and lead to shoulder dislocation.
  • Rotator cuff: Together with the 4 muscles and tendons comprises the rotator cuff. Due to excessive exercises and activities involving the hands, the shoulder gets strained. It is considered as the most common shoulder problem.
  • Impingement: Due to repetitive activities, the shoulder muscles get continuously rubbed with the upper part of the shoulder and causes inflammation.

When should you visit a doctor?

If you are going through the following problems, it’s time to visit an orthopaedic doctor.

  • Inability to move the shoulder.
  • Sudden shoulder pain.
  • Pain while lifting any heavy object.
  • Shoulder weakness.

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