ACL Injury: Does It Require Surgery?

By AdminPosted On 01-Jan-2018

The Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) that connects thigh bone to the shin bone prevents the forward movement and controls the rotational movement of the knee and send feedback to the brain regarding the joint position and balance.

Therefore, Acl injury happens when the knee is bent backward, side to side or twisted. This type of injury is common in sports events.

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What happens if the ACL is torn?

A tearing or popping sensation followed by an immediate swelling is found at the time of ACL tear.  As the information regarding joint position and balance is not transferred, the knee is felt unstable and walking becomes difficult.

What is the treatment for ACL tear?

The ACL will not heal itself, an alternative tissue (graft) is used to replace it.

Types of grafts:

1. Autograft - Using the patient's own tissues. Hamstring tendon graft is the commonly used autograft tissue.

2. Allograft - Using tissue from another person. Allograft is considered when there is an injury to more than one ligament, or during repeated surgeries.

3. Artificial material such as LARS: The ligament advanced reinforcement system (LARS) is an artificial polyester ligament made from polyethylene terephthalate.

How is the torn ACL Reconstructed?

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The keyhole surgery is usually performed after Diagnosing the knee structure of the ACL through MRI Scan. Once the ACL tear is confirmed, the graft will be prepared.

For the procedure, tunnels have to be made in thigh and shin bone. Later, the prepared graft will be inserted in these tunnels with the help of special devices.

What are the benefits of Key Hole surgery?

The key-hole technique has the following advantages compared to open technique.

  •  Less pain after the surgery
  •  Shorter hospital stay & quicker recovery
  •  Tissue cut is very minimal & the blood loss is negligible
  •  Leaves tiny invisible scars after surgery
  •  Lower risk of complications such as infection or wound healing problems

Dr. Thadi Mohan of Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Centre, Ernakulam is one of the well-known surgeons for ACL Tear Injury. Dr. Thadi Mohan is one of the  Specialists for ACL Tear Reconstruction in India. The hospital has all the specialized treatment facilities for ACL Reconstruction.

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