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By AdminPosted On 25-Aug-2017

It is often tough to cope with events that threaten to rob off the passion from you. There is no need to explain how an injury feels like to a sports person! There is more to it than the physical pain that comes with the injury. However, with the advancement in orthopedic treatment technologies, sports injury management has been simplified.

The choices you make have a great deal to play in accelerating your cure and come back. The quality of treatment, treatment facility and orthopaedic surgeon you choose for could determine how well you get through the troubled times following an injury. Dr. Thadi Mohan, with an experience of over 20 years in the field, is a renowned name in Sports Trauma Management, Kerala. He is one of the top orthopaedic surgeons in India and has a vast international and national clientele.

Different types of sports injuries

Some of the common conditions that occur following a sports injury include the following: -

ACL injuries – one of the most common sports injuries, it happens usually due to sudden twisting motions, that harms the anterior cruciate ligaments.

Tennis Elbow – one o the most common causes of elbow pain in sports persons, tennis elbow is caused due to repeated use of arm and forearm muscles.

Ankle Sprain – sprains can quickly elevate to more complicated injuries if not taken care of well. They are usually caused due to sudden twisting or sideways motions.

Cuff Tear – Rotator cuffs tears that injuries that occur to the tendons and muscles attached to the shoulder joint due to a sudden improper lifting or motion

Shoulder Injury – shoulder injuries are quite common in the field of sports and occur due to sudden improper motion

Osteoarthritis – a degenerative form of arthritis, it is also known as wear and tear arthritis.

Treatment for sports injuries

The advancement in treatment technologies has simplified sports injury management. Simple injuries can be treated with rest, ice bag compression or by elevating the injured area while complicated injuries can be managed with minimally invasive procedures such as arthroscopy.

One of the best orthopaedic surgeons in India, Dr. Thadi Mohan has created a niche for himself in the field of sports injury management.

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