Sport Injuries Treatment in Ernakualm

By AdminPosted On 23-Nov-2016

Sports Injuries happen while playing or doing exercises. Regular warms ups and stretching exercises make the body fit and flexible to avoid such injuries. They can result from accidents, poor training technique in practice, inadequate equipment, and over use of a particular body part. These injuries occur mostly to the athletes.


The most common sports injuries are

  • Fractures
  • Dislocation
  • Tendon injuries
  • Knee & shoulder injuries
  • Strains and sprains
  • Swollen muscles

While playing games, if the person is injured, he has to stop playing to avoid further damage. As a part of immediate first aid, icing the injured area, resting, compression and elevation (RICE) are termed as first aid to reduce swelling, decreasing pain, and speed healing. Prescribing painkillers, immobilization, rehabilitation exercises are necessary to cure the acute stage itself. When proper care is not taken in the initial stage, the injury may lead to the surgical procedure. Those are


It is a minimally invasive surgical procedure by inserting the instrument to examine the injury and to treat the damaged bone and joints. This is done for various sites such as knee, shoulder, wrist, hip, elbow and ankle.

Knee Injury:

Knee injuries such as sprains are cured with minimal medication at home. If the injury is very serious with swelling, pain it should be treated in the hospital. Knee dislocation and chronic pain are really unbearable. Knee joint replacement is replacing the injured knee joint with artificial.

Shoulder Injury:

This type of injury mostly occurs during swimming, excessive activities, cycling, weightlifting, tennis, cricket, washing clothes, etc., the activity that gives the heavy work in the hands. Shoulder instability, rotator cuff, and impingement are the general problems which are treated with surgeries

As the saying goes by, “Prevention is better than cure”.  Sports injury prevention is the main part of sports injury management. Improving flexibility, muscles, and tendon strengthening, sufficient cardiovascular fitness to stand out from the frequent fatigue, Proprioception and balance. Functional exercises are some of the Sports injury prevention and rehabilitation methods.

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