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Sometimes, too much weight is applied to a bone that results in what is known as a fracture. Fractures are normally caused by a fall, strike from an object, or by twisting or bending of the bone. 

Serious strain to the skeletal system can involve ligaments, tendons, joints and multiple bones, and can include fractures caused from crushing, twisting, gun shots and other serious impact. Such extensive or intricate fractures require highly specialized surgical care at the time of injury and may require subsequent treatment, as well. Complex fracture, normally the bone would shatter into several fragments. 

Almost all fractures can be broadly described as open and closed fractures. Like, Complete fracture, Incomplete fracture , Linear fracture, Transverse fracture, Oblique fracture, Spiral fracture, Comminuted fracture, Impacted fracture ,Skull fracture, Nasal fracture, Rib fracture, Shoulder fracture so on, are some of the main complex fractures. 

The complex fractures can be easily cured with the aid of arthroscopy. Arthroscopy is a treatment procedure for the joints of the bone and other bone related diseases. Unlike the open surgery, arthroscopy is performed through a small incision or incisions, through which the orthopedic surgeon would insert a keyhole camera to have a closer look to the diseased area. Other tiny tools are passed through another incision that could help the surgeon to rectify the mistake. 

Post operative care programmes recommended by your surgeon: 

Active motion is initiated on the first or second post-operative day. The patient is instructed on active and passive-assisted exercise for flexion, extension, pronation, and supination. Motion is monitored carefully in the postoperative period. If the patient is unable to perform the prescribed exercises a splint program to regain motion is initiated once fracture union is evident radiographically. Supervised physical therapy is not particularly helpful in regaining motion in patients who fail to progress with a home stretching program. Aggressive physical therapy can inflame the fracture and perpetuate the stiffness cycle. 

Almost every kind of complex fracture can be restored with aid of Dr. Mohan, who has sound experience knowledge on orthopedic surgery and techniques.

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